Midnight Owl

The writings of KPH


Days grow long,
As the trees dwindle.
Winter’s chill swallows,
As Night arrives.
Men crumble,
As Light fades.
Hopeful for a new day,
Void of mindlessness.


The Dragon’s Touch

Have you ever seen the dragon smile?
Enslaving; Waves of bliss devour.
Have you read her beauty?
Radiant; Time turns lifeless.
Have you listened to the dragon speak?
Symphonic; Caressed by her song.
Have you felt her kindness?
Warmth; Cradled by her soul.
Have you gazed into the dragon’s eyes?
Brilliance; Lost within their dream.
Have you watched her dance?
Enchanting; Serenaded to serenity.
Have you ever known the dragon’s love?
Ineffable euphoria.

The joys of Christmas

Never ending cars
Waves of shoppers rushing in
Lost in the chaos.

“Ode to Kendall”

Magnificent stag

Spreading kindness to black wolves

his demeanor shines

Like a bird chirping

his voice pierces the heavens

tears streaking gods cheeks

The strength of an ox

the world is but a feather

he takes all burdens


Winter is coming

A brisk Morning’s shroud.
Enveloped by her crisp touch.
Decanting my warmth.


Lost to all, his eyes held sorrow.

Hidden in the day’s light, hidden in the night’s shadow.

He had seen much in his life, a living ghost.

Loneliness filled his eyes, emotions written on his face.

Fading; his safe place brought happiness.

Hiding him from the views of all; except one and two.

She saw through his veil of shadows, her eyes piercing his armor.

Alike in being alone, they shared safety in happiness.

Lost to the world,

They wrote.

The dragon and the owl.

Fall colors melding on the mountainside,
As the sun streaks her face she smiles; happy.
A picture could only capture a small portion of her beauty and the memories we had created that day.
She sat atop that rock with her smile, as if she owned the world.
We owned the world. Nothing could stop us.
As people would drive far below, looking above, I’m sure they though it odd an owl would befriend a dragon.
But friends we were.
More than friends.
We shared a bond that would pass into the ethereal beyond.